Who are we?


Established in 1997, we started off as a media and communication provider. We then evolved into your favourite premium karaoke brand. 23 years later, Mediacom has proven to be a pioneer in developing a trustworthy market for karaoke-lovers all over the world. Our customers get to enjoy a growing multi-lingual song library, live-scoring and HD visuals on our user-friendly and affordable karaoke units. Recently we have added a variety of speakers, microphones and gadgets to our product portfolio. Our products are available in the major electronics stores of GCC and we offer delivery worldwide to our customers who order online..

This journey has been one of growth and education. There is no denying of the numerous mental and physical health benefits of singing. So go ahead, discover your inner-rockstar.


MediaCom envisions to be a Global Organization serving communities in over 200 countries through it's karaoke sing along systems, enabling needy students, self respecting men and women to earn extra income through the 4 Mediacom income programs by the year 2030.


To develop the business Globally through Education, Technology, Honesty, Teamwork, Innovation, Creativity, Patience, Humility, Service to humanity and to develop selfless Leaders throughout Mediacom's Global Network.