MD & CEO’s Message


It gives us great pleasure to give you a glimpse of what we are trying to achieve at Mediacom.


MEDIACOM is the leading Karaoke Sing Along players’ manufacturer. We are eagerly and enthusiastically working to bring the best of this field to your homes. We are also one of the top talent boosters in the music industry.


Our product leaders and teams have worked hard to consistently provide the best after-sales service. For this, we salute them. Our partners have provided a solid platform and the right basis for our products and people to grow and increase our market share. The result: over a million homes are enjoying the Karaoke that we have sold over past decade and a half.


Our aspirations, desires and goals are many and we need to see that our teams and partners understand them. With these thoughts and gratitude, we invite you to explore our mission and products, and provide us the feedback and guidance that can build bridges to reach happier and higher quality destinations.


Enjoy the Journey.


– Renato G. Pascual, MD / Hussain Naqvi, C.E.O